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            642-999 DCUCIv5.0 Exam Topics

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            642-999 DCUCIv5.0 Exam Topics  


            Exam Description


            The 642-999 (DCUCIv5.0)Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computingexamvalidates a candidate's knowledge of implementing Cisco data center unified computing, including the setup of a computing environment in a standalone and rack-mountable configuration, provisioning of storage resources, backup, management functions,and deployment of a virtualized network. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing(DCUCIv5.0)course.


            Exam Topics


            The following information provides general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam.


            642-999 (DCUCIv5.0) Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Exam Topics


            1.0 Implement C-Series standalone
              Implement Cisco UCS C-Series rack servers
              Implement firmware updates
              Configure network and storage connectivity
              Provision hard drives
              Install ESXI on local harddrives
              Configure logging and monitor the methods for Cisco UCS

            2.0 Configure Cisco UCS B-Series Connectivity
              Configure B-Series overall connectivity
              Implement Cisco UCS B-Series component installation
              Configure B-Series LAN connectivity
              Configure B-Series SAN connectivity

            3.0 Manage Cisco UCS B-Series
              Implement security in a Cisco UCS
              Identify the steps necessary to manage software and firmware versions and upgrades in a Cisco UCS
              Implement backup and import for the Cisco UCS database
              Configure logging and monitor the methods for Cisco UCS
              Configure the Call Home feature in a Cisco UCS system
              Describe high availability for the Fabric interconnect cluster

            4.0 Provision Cisco UCS compute resources
              Provision network connectivity in a Cisco UCS
              Provision storage sources in a Cisco UCS
              Provision resource pools in a Cisco UCS
              Provision resource policies in a Cisco UCS
              Provision service profiles in a Cisco UCS
              Provision operating system parameters in a Cisco UCS
              Provision the base Cisco UCS system configuration
              Provision virtual HBAs
              Provision VNICs and VNIC policies in a Cisco UCS
              Provision C-Series integration

            5.0 Implement Cisco UCS server virtualization features
              Provision Cisco UCS integration with VMware vCenterServer
              Provision Cisco UCSVM-FEX
              Provision direct path I/O

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